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Science & Wisdom LIVE Announces Online Dialogue: “Beyond Fear – Towards Resilience”

Science & Wisdom LIVE has announced an upcoming public dialogue titled “Beyond Fear – Towards Resilience,” which will be live-streamed on 29 November. The event is the latest in a series of dialogues on the intersection between science and the Buddhadharma. The speakers will offer an interfaith examination of the nature of fear and uncertainty in the face of change and impermanence, including the view of Western philosophy and psychology, and from the perspective of the Buddhist teaching.

“Unfortunately, fear seems to pervade our lives: from small fears and insecurities of a personal nature, to larger, collective fears around war, economy, and climate emergency,” Science & Wisdom LIVE stated in an announcement shared with BDG. “Yet even beyond these ‘worldly’ fears, there’s a level of fear in everyone’s life that one could call ‘existential fear’—an ontological fear that links in to our very existence and certainty of death.

“Fear has been an important topic in many Western philosophies, and is one of the founding pillars of the field of psychology. Yet what is lesser known, is that many contemplative traditions bring antidotes to fear, and even proclaim that there is something like an unobstructed, fearless ground of consciousness in each human being.

“Although fearlessness might be an aim for the future, this dialogue would like to provide a first step from fear toward resilience, with the possibility of discovering this fearless, courageous nature of the mind that most of us have forgotten.”

Science & Wisdom LIVE is a project of Jamyang London Buddhist Centre in partnership with Mind & Life Europe, working to support dialogue between meditation practitioners and scientists on variety of topics discuss involving the intersections of scientific research, mindfulness practices, and the challenges of living on contemporary society.

Tenzin Chogkyi
Rabbi Amy Eilberg
Dr. Zachary Markwith

“Beyond Fear – Towards Resilience” will feature speakers Rabbi Amy Eilberg, the first woman to be ordained as a Conservative rabbi by the Jewish Theological Seminary of America, and a spiritual director, peace and justice educator, and teacher of the Mussar classical Jewish system of spiritual development; Dr. Zachary Markwith, education director at the Islamic Network Group (ING) and teacher focusing on Islamic sacred texts, early Sufism, Sunni–Shi’i relations, and the comparative study of religions; and Tenzin Chogkyi, a teacher of workshops and programs that bridge the worlds of Buddhist thought, contemplative practice, mental and emotional cultivation, and contemporary research in the field of positive psychology.

“Beyond Fear – Towards Resilience” will be live-streamed on 29 November, from 7pm–9pm UTC/GMT.

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“Science & Wisdom LIVE brings meditation practitioners in conversation with scientists to address the problems of contemporary society and come to new possible solutions,” said Science & Wisdom LIVE. “The dialogue between science and contemplative traditions can inspire positive action and inform an ethical response to the challenges of our times, grounded in the human values of cooperation, compassion and equality.” (Science & Wisdom Live)

Jamyang London Buddhist Centre was established in 1978 to facilitate the study and practice of Tibetan Buddhism following the lineage of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. The center is also affiliated with the Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition (FPMT) under the spiritual direction of Lama Zopa Rinpoche, and offers a structured curriculum of courses and classes on Buddhist philosophy and practice.

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