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Metta Stands Out

Our loving-kindness practitioner teaches us that our greatest service can sometimes come by stepping outside of a situation while offering sincere care to those inside

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Metta’s Back

Our loving-kindness practitioner embarks on a Goenka-style Vipassana retreat and realizes that it is time for a new direction in her practice

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Cutting Metta’s Losses

Our loving-kindness practitioner explores the practice of pruning, both literally and metaphorically, as a way to make space for future growth

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Metta’s Rewilding

Our loving-kindness practitioner explores pagan solstice practices that lift up feminine energy as she reflects on 2023 and prepares for the year ahead

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Vanishing Metta

Our seasoned loving-kindness practitioner shares the joy of welcoming new life at a baby shower and the sadness of loss as a former connection disappears

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Metta’s Checkup

A meditation on loving-kindness for oneself in the midst of intense dental pain and the wonderful kindness of strangers

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