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Buddhistdoor Global (BDG) Mission Statement  

Founded in 1995 and based in the Asian gateway city of Hong Kong, Buddhistdoor Global is an online multimedia platform providing a diverse range of English-language Buddhist content to the world, centered on the Dharma and dedicated to serving Buddhist communities and helping practitioners navigate their spiritual path.

Our diverse and inclusive editorial content encompasses:

  • Buddhist studies and philosophy
  • Chinese Buddhist thought, culture, and history
  • Meditation, mindfulness, and psychology
  • Buddhist art and culture
  • Engaged Buddhism
  • Buddhist history and heritage
  • Sustainable living in harmony with the natural environment
  • Current events in contemporary Buddhism

Buddhistdoor Global is expressly non-sectarian and strives to promote an egalitarian, progressive vision of Buddhism that embraces all Buddhist traditions. In line with our vision of a free and open medium for sharing the riches of the Dharma—through which individuals and communities can learn, connect, and interact—our content is, and always will be, freely available to all.

Buddhistdoor Global
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Editorial team

Justin Whitaker
Senior Correspondent
Raymond Lam
Senior Writer
Craig Lewis
Senior Editor

International correspondents

Lyudmila Klasanova
Eastern European Correspondent
Nina Müller 
North American Correspondent

Columnists and contributors

Please feel free to contact our editorial team members above, or for general enquiries e-mail us at info@buddhistdoor.com. We welcome your feedback!

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