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Buddhistdoor Global (BDG) Mission Statement  

Sharing and promoting Buddhist teachings, cultural exchange, and personal growth

Founded in 1995, BDG is a multimedia platform providing English-language content on Buddhist teachings, arts, and culture. We accomplish this through features, commentary, and news on the BDG website, as well as publications and other channels.

We offer diverse editorial content, featuring topics like Buddhist spirituality, philosophy, and psychology, and engaged Buddhism in society, Buddhist art, meditation, personal development, and more.

BDG is grounded in tradition but embraces a progressive approach to modern problems in Buddhism and society. We promote an egalitarian vision of Buddhism where everyone, without distinction of race, nationality, gender, or social origin, can share equally in the tradition’s spiritual riches.

The publication is expressly non-sectarian, and strives to promote solidarity of religious purpose among all mainstream Buddhist traditions. One of its core aims is to introduce the immense richness of Chinese Buddhism to international audiences. It seeks to build friendships with Buddhists in all regions of the world.

Although its main focus is Buddhist spirituality, BDG is respectful of other religious traditions and open to dialogues of goodwill. Our platform welcomes all readers from any background to learn more about Buddhism. Our long-term objective is to function as a borderless Buddhist community that amplifies Buddhism’s global reach and provides as broad as possible a range of Buddhist content.

BDG is a non-profit organization and currently employs both monastic and lay staff. It is supported by journalists and contributors around the world.

Board of Directors

Mr. HO Hung Ngai Robert
Mr. HO Yau Chung Robert
Mrs. HO Yee Man Greta
Prof. LEE Chack Fan
Mr. HUI Alexander Yat Chuen
Ms. WAN Yee Ling
Mr. KWAN Po Chuen Vincent
Mr. TAM Yat Hung John
Mr. POLIN Thomas
Ven. SIK Yen Tsun
Ven. SIK Hin Hung

Columnists and News Writers

Summer Adams
BD Dipananda
Caitlin Dwyer
Joseph Houseal
Jnan Nanda
Ernest Ng
Gereon Kopf
Alan Kwan
Craig Lewis
Meher McArthur
Harsha Menon
Sister Ocean
Shveitta Sharma
Guoying Stacy Zhang

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Please e-mail us at info@buddhistdoor.com for general enquiries.

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