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Blessings from afar

By Winnie Buddhistdoor Global | 2009-11-17 |  “M~e~o~o~o~o~w!” That was how Mei used to grumble at me when I wasn’t paying attention to her. It has been over

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Coping with Bad Memories

Each day our senses are bombarded with various experiences. As soon as we wake up a flood of information enters into our eyes and ears.

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Let Go!

Once a man came to see the Buddha. He brought with him two beautiful bouquets of flowers. When the Buddha saw him, he said, “Let

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A Taste of Zen

Once Zen Master To An was visiting another temple.  He was not wearing his Zen Master clothes, but just the clothes of a wandering monk. 

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Bring Happiness Home

A man went to his colleague’s home for dinner.  At the door, there was a big sign saying: Take off your troubles.Put on a Smiling

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