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Blessings from afar

By Winnie

Buddhistdoor Global | 2009-11-17 | 

“M~e~o~o~o~o~w!” That was how Mei used to grumble at me when I wasn’t paying attention to her. It has been over six months since I last heard her voice.

The vet said that she was suffering from a heart failure. It was a sunny Wednesday morning. Mei looked at me for the very last time and closed her eyes. My heart broke.

The next day, I got up early in the morning and started chanting sutras to her. I have been told that it has to be done by her kin for forty nine days. Mei was like a daughter to me.

People started giving me advices on the do’s and don’ts for the chanting of the sutras. Some said I have to make sure that I pronounce the Sankskrit correctly. Others said I have to chant for an exact number of times during certain times of the day.

I chanted every day, that seemed to be the only thing that I could do for Mei. Ten days have gone by, my heart was still filled with sorrow. Another ten days passed by, the sorrow multiplied. As the chanting became more and more intense, the grief increased. Not until one day, I began to ask myself what is the real meaning behind this chanting.

All of a sudden, I came to understand that the chanting of the sutras is only a media for sending blessings to your beloved ones. It is not about how many times or how accurately you chant, it is the love and compassion behind the chanting that counts. From that moment onwards, the grief gradually subsided.

Six months have passed by. Every morning I wake up, I would look at Mei’s picture and send her my blessing – “Mei, wishing you well!” Somehow, I know she’ll hear me.

Next time, be grateful when you wake up in the morning feeling joyous, because most likely someone who loves you is sending you a warm blessing from afar.  

Wishing you all well! 

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