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Bring Happiness Home


A man went to his colleague’s home for dinner.  At the door, there was a big sign saying:

Take off your troubles.
Put on a Smiling Face.
Bring Happiness Home.

He was surprised to see the instructions because the normal procedure would be to take off one’s shoes, put on the slippers.  But he kept quiet. 

It was a very pleasant dinner. The host and hostess were warm and kind, not only to him but to each other as well.  Even the children seemed to be enjoying themselves very much.  Being a bachelor and having heard stories about unhappy married life, he was surprised to see how harmonious this family was.

While they were drinking coffee after dinner, he raised his question.  The host and hostess looked at one another.  Then finally the hostess said, “One evening as I was going up the elevator, I turned around to look at myself in the mirror.  I was horrified to see myself, my face all tense with anger and fatigue. I thought to myself no wonder my husband and children were all very cautious with me.  Then I made up my mind to leave my troubles at the door. The sign is there to remind me.  At the beginning, it felt like I was putting up an effort to remember to put on a smiling face for my family.  Gradually I simply remember the last part, that is, to bring happiness home.”

Do the same at your door and see the changes these little reminders bring to your home, or your office or wherever you may go.

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