Nepal’s President Bidya Devi Bhandari Calls on State to Include Buddhist Philosophy and Buddha’s Teachings in Curriculum

President Bidya Devi Bhandari speaking after inaugurating the 17th anniversary of Lumbini Buddhist University and central library building in Lumbini. Photo from

Nepal’s President Bidya Devi Bhandari, inaugurating the 17th anniversary of Lumbini Buddhist University (LBU) and the Central Library Building in LBU on 2 December, urged the State to include Buddhist philosophy and Buddha’s teachings in the curriculums from school to university levels.

According to President Bhandari, Buddhist philosophy has spread around the world and some of the world’s most prestigious universities have included Buddhist philosophy and the Buddha’s teachings in their academic curriculums. President Bhandari further stated that it is the State’s policy to improve the nation’s educational and academic environment by promoting teaching and research in Buddhist philosophy, literature, learning, and culture while maintaining the quality of Buddhist education.

“This could help handover the legacy of great Buddhist civilization to the future generation,” said President Bhandari. “[The] university’s autonomy and academic freedom is a precondition to academic development. The (university) curriculum should be research-oriented to produce skilled human resources by maintaining purely academic environment in the university.” (Khabarhub)

President Bhandari stressed the importance of LBU running programs to attract local and international students and researchers. She also stated that the tangible and intangible history of Lumbini, which is on the World Heritage List, is essential to the world and must be preserved.

President Bhandari said that numerous artifacts with important archeological and cultural worth are still being unearthed in the Lumbini area, and she urged the state authorities to pay more attention to ongoing excavation. She emphasized the importance of excavating and promoting archeological and cultural heritage associated to Buddha and Buddhist education throughout the country, particularly in Kapilvastu, Rupandehi, and Nawalparasi.

Lumbini Buddhist University. Photo from

Minister for education, science, and technology Devendra Paudel also spoke at the event, promising to expand LBU’s programs. Bhim Subedi, chairman of the University Research Commission, praised LBU and stated that the university is active in promoting Buddhism, culture, and art.

LBU, founded on 17 June 2004, is a tertiary educational institution in Lumbini, Nepal, the birthplace of the Buddha. In 1998, the idea for the university was developed at the First World Buddhist Summit held in Lumbini. The Lumbini Buddhist University Act, which was passed on 10 November 2006, established the university’s legal existence while also stating that it will receive financial support from the government of Nepal.

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Commemorating the anniversary, LBU organized a conference titled “The First Triyan Pragya Sammelan,” which focused on Buddhist culture and prosperity, as well as Buddhist teaching methodology. The conference drew Buddhist scholars and researchers from all over the country.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, LBU vice-chancellor Prof Dr. Hridaya Ratna Bajracharya said they organized the conference to investigate the links between Buddhist culture and prosperity. He stated that the discussions and conclusions drawn at the conference would be shared with policymakers.

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