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Mettamorphsis had a Catholic upbringing and education, but found a home in the Dharma after fighting a serious illness for several years. In 2010 she decided to give up her house and home to live a life as a modern-day nomad, traveling from house sit to house sit, or as she prefers to call it, Lily padding. In her column Lily Pad Sutra, she describes what her experiences of lily padding have taught her about metta, mindfulness, mudita, and everything in between.

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In the World’s Secret Dharma Service by Living the Infinite “Yes”
How the Dharma steered my odd-jobs career to lend a hand or shoulder to others
Uploaded 14 Dec 2017
Home Truths: Belonging No Place, Belonging Every Place
Learning that home is a non-place we carry inside us
Uploaded 12 Oct 2017
Traveling Light and Lighter: The Life-changing Magic of Lightening Up
Or how to overcome the fear of emptiness
Uploaded 22 Sep 2017
<i>Shoshin</i> and the Fear of Others
How an open mind can make your biggest skeptics into your biggest allies
Uploaded 11 Aug 2017
Sowing the Seeds of <i>Metta</i> to Dissolve Fears of the Unknown
Metta meditation as a portable loving kindness Wi-Fi hotspot
Uploaded 21 Jul 2017
Lily Pad Sutra: Living in Transit for Seven Years
Giving up life as a householder and following the Dharma
Uploaded 16 Jun 2017
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