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Special Issues

Our special issues report on unique themes and trends in the Buddhist world. Featuring insightful contributions from our regular and guest writers, each issue showcases a series of articles covering an aspect of our broader subject.

Below you can find the articles for the special issues from the current and previous issues, themed:

Special Issue 2022 – Buddhism in a Divided World
Special Issue 2021 – Humanity in Transition
Special Issue 2020 – Buddhism and Conflict Resolution
Special Issue 2019 – Buddhism and Tech
Special Issue 2018 – Women of Buddhism
Special Issue 2017 – Planetary Healing: Buddhism and World Ecology
Special Issue 2016 – Tradition and Innovation: Chinese Buddhism Beyond Asia
Special Issue 2015 – Buddhist Frontiers: At the Edges of the Buddhist World

Special Issue 2022: Buddhism in a Divided World

Our world, our communities, and our very survival as a species are being challenged by imminent crises on multiple fronts: environmental collapse, societal and economic inequality, the rise of nationalism and authoritarianism, warfare and conflict, and the ongoing pandemic, to name a few. Read more…

Living in End Times

Applying the Buddhist wisdom of the vastness of time and the importance of refuge to the reality of our current climate crisis

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Tracing the maturation of the Dharma in himself and in the West, John Harvey Negru points us into the future with his hopes for the growth of Buddhist chaplaincy

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Special Issue 2021: Humanity in Transition

Our special issue for 2021 seeks to address these and the many other urgent issues that matter to Buddhists and to all sentient beings in today’s uncertain times. With COVID-19, climate change, and societal upheavals pushing humanity to recognize the need for a profound transformation of our way of life—the ways in which we perceive and engage with the world around us. Read more…


Can Buddhist individuals and institutions brace for a quickly changing future in the face of COVID-19, the climate crisis, and more?

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Special Issue 2020 - Buddhism and Conflict Resolution

Our world is suffering from significant multi-dimensional conflict. With our interconnected suffering in mind, our special issue for 2020 explores some of the most complex conflicts now unfolding. We analyze potential root causes and propose ways forward that, while keeping feasibility in mind, does not become attached to a technocratic vision of managing conflict, instead allowing the Buddhist heart of compassion and wisdom to challenge all parties to envision greater possibilities. Read more…

Special Issue 2019 - Buddhism and Tech

Buddhistdoor Global’s special issue for 2019 brings together Buddhists, scientists, researchers, and tech writers to discuss how technology can benefit sentient beings, and what role Buddhism might have to play in this. The articles explore how technological forces are shaping our lives and how we as Buddhists might witness and respond to such rapidly changing times. Read more…

Special Issue 2018 - Women of Buddhism

To support women on the Buddhist path and to inspire others to open their hearts and minds to their voices, we attribute our special issue for 2018 to the Women of Buddhism. We have asked women from various Buddhist traditions, of different ethnicities, ages, and backgrounds to share their own stories from their own perspective. Women of Buddhism is about their journey, their struggle, and their insights, told in their own voices. Read more…

Special Issue 2017 - Planetary Healing: Buddhism and World Ecology

Environmental issues are the most significant and pressing matters for our present and future generations. Over the past few years the Buddhistdoor Global team has covered the extensive involvement of Buddhist leaders and communities in ecological causes. In this issue we draw from the ideas, experience, and research of diverse contributors, bringing a Buddhist perspective to enironmental issues like the animal trade, pollution and waste, and sustainable living. Read more..

Special Issue 2016 - Tradition and Innovation: Chinese Buddhism Beyond Asia

This special issue discusses how Chinese Buddhism, one of the oldest and most influential East Asian expressions of the universal Dharma, has found a home in countries such as Australia, Canada, and the UK. Featuring contributions from Western-born Chinese Buddhists, Chinese-born residents of Western countries, and venerable nuns, the issue brings an East-West dialogue through Chinese Buddhist eyes to the forefront. Read more…

Special Issue 2015 - Buddhist Frontiers: At the Edges of the Buddhist World

What are some of the pioneering Buddhist projects and groups around the world? This special issue showcases Dharma communities in far-flung areas of the Buddhist world, from Finland to Russia to Uganda. We explore the individuals and societies playing important roles in supporting the resurgence and propagation of Buddhist teachings in locales where one might not always expect a Buddhist presence. Yet here they are, and this special issue is dedicated to their stories. Read more…