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Special Issue 2021: Humanity in Transition

As nations, societies, and communities around the world seek to come to terms with imminent crises on multiple fronts—from the environmental to the social, political, economic, psychological, and spiritual—Buddhist leaders and communities across the globe have been galvanized to respond with compassionate engagement, reaching out to offer comfort and assistance to those in need, especially in cases where the vulnerable and disadvantaged have been disproportionately impacted.

Our special issue for 2021 seeks to address these and the many other urgent issues that matter to Buddhists and to all sentient beings in today’s uncertain times. With COVID-19, climate change, and societal upheavals pushing humanity to recognize the need for a profound transformation of our way of life—the ways in which we perceive and engage with the world around us—our editorial contributors seek to address these pressing issues and examine the necessary questions to help us navigate this new paradigm: “What are the Buddhist values that can guide us through this time of change to ensure the path of least suffering?” and “What are the steps and changes needed to ensure that we can manifest more compassionate, caring, and sustainable societies?”

This page will be updated regularly throughout 2021.

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Can Buddhist individuals and institutions brace for a quickly changing future in the face of COVID-19, the climate crisis, and more?

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