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Dalai Lama Formally Recognizes Reincarnation of Garje Khamtrul Rinpoche

His Holiness the Dalai Lama with an image of the recently identified incarnation of Garje Khamtrul Rinpoche
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The Nyingmapa monastery Lhundrub Chime Gatsal Ling announced on Monday that His Holiness the Dalai Lama has formally recognized the reincarnation of the lineage holder and revered Dharma master Kyabje Garje Khamtrul Rinpoche.

In an official announcement dated 19 December, the administration of the Dharamsala-based Lhundrub Chime Gatsal Ling stated: 

Upon our humble request, the Crown Jewel of the Four Heavens, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, king of the Victorious Ones, the Omniscient One, has graciously recognized our root Guru His Eminence Garje Khamtul Jamyang Dhondrub Rinpoche’s reincarnation.

With gratitude we received this auspicious news on the most precious official letterhead of His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

It is our pleasure to share this joyous news with you on the third anniversary of Rinpoche’s parinirvana.

Garje Khamtrul Rinpoche passed into parinirvana on 30 December 2019 and remained in the meditative state of thukdam for more than a week.* Details of the identified incarnation have not yet been shared publicly.

Left, the announcement from the administration of the Dharamsala-based Lhundrub Chime Gatsal Ling. Above, the official letter from the Office of His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Born on 29 December 1928 in the traditional Tibetan region of Kham, Garje Khamtrul Rinpoche Jamyang Dondrup was recognized as an incarnation of the third Khamtrul, Gyurme Trinle Namgyal (1879–1926), at the age of eight. After fleeing Tibet in 1959, Garje Khamtrul Rinpoche played a pivotal role in the early years of the Central Tibetan Administration and the rehabilitation of Tibetan refugees in India.

In 1962, the Dalai Lama asked Rinpoche to assist in establishing the Tibetan community-in-exile. He subsequently served as under secretary of the Department of Religion and Culture based in Dharamsala from 1966, remaining with the department until his retirement in 1987. He helped to resettle monks from refugee camps bordering Bhutan to southern India, and assisted with the establishment of institutions that would preserve Tibetan culture and identity. Rinpoche was appointed as chief of staff for the department in 1971, and in 1980 he became secretary. Upon his retirement, the Dalai Lama asked Rinpoche to remain in Dharamsala as a consultant for His Holiness on Nyingma affairs.

In 1991, Rinpoche founded Lhundrup Chime Gatsal Ling in Mcleod Ganj. A second monastery was established in Sidhpur in 2005, and inaugurated by the Dalai Lama on 12 April 2009. As a Dzogchen master, Rinpoche has offered countless teachings for Buddhist practitioners.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama with Garje Khamtrul Rinpoche.

* Lhundrub Chime Gatsal Ling Announces Passing of Garje Khamtrul Rinpoche (BDG)

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