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An Olive Branch: Reaching Out to Those Affected by Abuse in Buddhist Sanghas
Countering misconduct and healing wounds
Uploaded 23 Oct 2017
Can There Be Too Much Mindfulness?
The path to true mindfulness
Uploaded 16 Oct 2017
A Walk with Thay
Treasured memories with a beloved teacher
Uploaded 11 Oct 2017
The Daily Practice of a Modern Chinese Buddhist Nun: Facing the Discomfort
Adjusting to the norms of monastic life
Uploaded 10 Oct 2017
Chan Practice Through the Heart of a Dharma Heir
Sharing the teachings of the Dharma
Uploaded 6 Oct 2017
Stillness and Strength: The Great Buddha of Kamakura
A serene monument to durability and impermanence
Uploaded 2 Oct 2017
Reflections on Harmony: Ven. Hin Hung on Buddhism and Interfaith Relations
Inter-religious dialogue with the Order of Discalced Carmelites in Spain
Uploaded 29 Sep 2017
Difficult Conversations: Mushim Patricia Ikeda
Approaching diversity with courage and compassion
Uploaded 29 Sep 2017
Master Shandao’s Exegesis on the Deep Mind—Advantages and Disadvantages of the Two Kinds of Practices
Why the primary practice surpasses the secondary practices
Uploaded 22 Sep 2017
A Meditation on the Sinitic Lotus School: The Tiantai Trilogy, Part 1
Radical self-recontextualization of Tiantai Buddhist philosophy
Uploaded 22 Sep 2017
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