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To encourage curiosity and flexibility, it's important to discover our limits, and then stretch a bit further. — Mingyur Rinpoche. 28 October 2020

Since we can study Buddhist teachings in this lifetime, we should choose the teaching that can liberate us in this lifetime. Let us first aim to be reborn in the Land of Bliss and leave all matters until later. — Master Huijing. 27 October 2020

Nothing can save you now because you have only this moment. Not even enlightenment will help you now because there are no other moments. With no future, be true to yourself and express yourself fully. — Shunryu Suzuki. 23 October 2020

Let the phenomena play. Let the phenomena make fools of themselves by themselves. — Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche. 22 October 2020

Don't try to make clarity of mind with severe practice. Every mind comes to hate severity, and where is clarity in mortification? — Gyeongheo Seonsa. 21 October 2020

The core of Mahayana Buddhism is compassion and empathy; its purpose is to deliver all sentient beings to Buddhahood. These ideals are fundamentally reflected in Amitabha Buddha's vows. — Master Huijing. 20 October 2020

Achieving the happiness of this life is nothing special. The special capacity that we have as human beings is achieving happiness beyond this life. — Lama Zopa Rinpoche. 19 October 2020

Anyone can build a house of wood and bricks, but the Buddha taught us that sort of home is not our real home. It’s a home in the world and it follows the ways of the world. — Ajahn Chah. 16 October 2020

I do not think it is valid to view our life as limited to just ourselves—as if our human life extended only as far as our own body. Rather, we can see that a life extends out in all directions, like a net. We throw a net, and it expands outward. Just like that, our life extends to touch many other lives. — His Holiness The Karmapa. 15 October 2020

The Buddha is not going to project you to buddhahood, as if throwing a stone. Having attained full enlightenment himself, he is showing you the path, and it is up to you to follow it or not. — Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche. 14 October 2020

Faith is to believe a theology that is most important in our lives. Its importance even transcends the value of our lives. We live for this faith. We will sacrifice for our faith if necessary, because it is worth far more than our daily mundane living. — Master Huijing. 13 October 2020

To learn, we must set aside our own prejudices, be open-minded, and listen with a fresh mind. — Thubten Chodron. 12 October 2020.

Whoever sees the nature of one thing
Is said to see the nature of everything.
For the emptiness of one thing
Is the emptiness of everything.
 — Aryadeva. 9 October 2020

Fearlessness is generated when you can appreciate uncertainty, when you have faith in the impossibility of these interconnected components remaining static and permanent. — Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche. 8 October 2020

A genuine, not artificial, compassion, can only arise after we have discovered our own condition. Observing our own limits, our conditioning, our conflicts and so on, we can become truly conscious of the suffering of others, and then our own experience becomes a basis or model for being able to better understand and help those around us. — Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche. 7 October 2020

Don't look for faith within our minds because the minds of ordinary beings are not true, but false. We should not pay attention to these false thoughts and afflictions; but, simply continue our recitations and allow Amitabha to handle the rest. If we experience tranquility through the deliverance of Amitabha's power, faith will automatically be revealed, like a pearl inside our clothes. — Master Huijing. 6 October 2020

How to Meet Your True Self: This cup is smaller than this bottle while it is bigger than this watch. However, in reality, this cup is neither small nor big. It’s just a cup. It looks small simply because it is next to the bottle right now. This is called perceptual error. You mistakenly think that you are insignificant, and you are committing a perceptual error of thinking of yourself to be an inferior being. You are complete and perfect as you are. — Pomnyun Sunim. 5 October 2020

There are so many wholesome things that can make us happy right now, like the beautiful sunrise, the blue sky, the mountains, the rivers, and all the lovely faces around us. — Thich Nhat Hanh. 30 September 2020

All worldly matters have a temporary existence, as they are produced in response to causal conditions which will eventually end. In the end they all disappear; so our world is forever impermanent, full of suffering and ultimately empty. There is nothing we can master except Amitabha-Recitation, leading to the Land of Bliss. — Master Huijing. 29 September 2020

Once one has found emptiness, it is like the summertime, when the earth becomes warm and all the orchards and forests start to grow naturally without effort. — Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche. 28 September 2020

Ultimate reality cannot be apprehended by concepts. We can, however, in an experiential way that transcends the ordinary conceptual mind, achieve a genuine understanding of reality as being the union of appearances and emptiness. — Shechen Rabjam Rinpoche. 25 September 2020

We realize the intimate connection between the conventional truth and the ultimate truth through the practice of compassion. It is through compassion that we become thoroughly grounded in the conventional truth and thus prepared to receive the ultimate truth. Compassion brings great warmth and kindness to both perspectives. — Reb Anderson. 24 September 2020

Millions of people might share a video of a dolphin and a whale playing together or a cat mothering an abandoned chick. There is something in this that fascinates us. When we watch such videos, we marvel at animals' abilities to act against what we assume is their self-serving or self-protective impulses. We can let ourselves be inspired by their natural display of the same inner qualities we would like to cultivate. — His Holiness The Karmapa. 23 September 2020

The Land of Bliss is a realm of unconditioned nirvana. It's hard to be reborn there by practicing assorted virtues according to circumstances. The Tathagata selects the key method —he teaches us to recite Amitabha's Name with two-fold exclusivity. — Master Shandao. 22 September 2020

Leaking from the rock in an old temple, water barely trickles—the voice of the lingering Dharma. — Ōtagaki Rengetsu. 21 September 2020

When you look at your own mind, all the imaginary differences between yourself and others automatically dissolve, and the ancient prayer of the Four Immeasurables becomes as natural and persistent as your own heartbeat. — Mingyur Rinpoche. 18 September 2020

Aspire that your body, your bearing, your ideas and thoughts all, in one way or another, become beneficial to sentient beings. For example, if I suddenly had an urge to check the state of the stock market, may that mundane thought mature into a beneficial manifestation. — Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche. 17 September 2020

Like oil absorbing into our skin, attachment to favorable circumstances blends smoothly and invisibly into our thoughts and feelings. Without realizing what’s happening, we can become infatuated with our achievements, fame, and wealth. It's difficult to extricate ourselves from positive obstacles. — Pema Chödrön. 16 September 2020

The most intimate relationship with Amitabha Buddha is formed through exclusive recitation of his Name. — Master Shandao. 15 September 2020

It is only your mind that experiences. There is nothing other in this world that can experience. — Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche. 14 September 2020

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