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Continual change, relentless change, is constant in our world. — Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche. 29 May 2020

The Buddhist attitude is that it doesn't matter how many delusions you have, how confused you are, how much sin or negativity you have created, it is possible, absolutely possible, to totally eradicate all of it. — Lama Yeshe. 28 May 2020

Awareness is like a thread that runs through every experience we have. Our thoughts and emotions are constantly changing. Our reactions and perceptions come and go. Yet despite these changes, awareness is always present. — Mingyur Rinpoche. 27 May 2020

For an Amitabha-reciter, nothing is more important than this Buddha's Name. With the Buddha's Name we have life, without it we have none. It is because, if we don't have this Name, we will see King Yama for judgement after we die. He will send us to yet another realm of suffering! — Master Huijing. 26 May 2020

Nothing can save you now because you have only this moment. Not even enlightenment will help you now because there are no other moments. With no future, be true to yourself and express yourself fully. — Shunryu Suzuki. 25 May 2020

Meditation is almost, we could say, aesthetic appreciation. This means awareness of body, awareness of colors, awareness of things around you, awareness of people's different styles. There's always room for everything that comes up. Everything is treated reverently, respectfully. Nothing is regarded as rubbish. — Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche. 22 May 2020

Insight brings love, and love is not possible without insight, understanding. If you do not understand, you cannot love. — Thich Nhat Hanh. 21 May 2020

What is delusion? How shall we define it? It is just as when a madman runs outside on a cold winter's day and jumps into the water to wash himself, too deranged to realize that his body is being frozen. — Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche. 20 May 2020

Those who recite the Buddha's name, whether they understand it or not, believe it or not, or are sincere or not, will conform with the Buddha’s fundamental vow, the 18th Vow. They will be firmly embraced in and protected by his light and benefit from the inconceivable merits and virtues of the name. — Master Jingzong. 19 May 2020

The residue of fragrance clings to the hand that gives flowers. — Chinese proverb. 18 May 2020

 When one does not understand death, life can be very confusing. — Ajahn Chah. 15 May 2020

If we always turn our mind to virtue, we always experience happiness as a result. — Lama Zopa Rinpoche. 14 May 2020

The Buddhist notion of diligence is to delight in positive deeds. — Ringu Tulku. 13 May 2020

Loneliness is part of the human experience. Hence the saying, “How hard it is to find a true friend!” Once two people become true friends, they will feel close to each other even if separated by thousands of miles because their spirits are together. They will seem to be living just next door to each other. — Master Jingzong. 12 May 2020

Trying to find a Buddha or enlightenment is like trying to grab space. Space has a name but no form. It’s not something you can pick up or put down. And you certainly can’t grab it. Beyond this mind you’ll never see a Buddha. The Buddha is a product of your mind. Why look for a Buddha beyond this mind? — Bodhidharma. 11 May 2020

Sometimes, even if the lama is sitting in front of you, you can feel there’s a thousand miles between you; likewise, you can be a thousand miles away and feel that the guru is right there sitting in your heart. — Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo. 8 May 2020

Doctors are not going to cure death or prevent death. Only the Buddha was such a doctor, so why not go ahead and use the Buddha’s medicine? — Ajahn Chah. 7 May 2020

Meditation is not a competition. — Mingyur Rinpoche. 6 May 2020

No mountains or rivers can separate two people. They are only truly separated when they are not like-minded. No physical distance is too great when the minds of two people resonate together. How true is the Buddha's saying, “All things are created by the mind. — Master Jingzong. 5 May 2020

Whoever sees the nature of one thing
Is said to see the nature of everything.
For the emptiness of one thing
Is the emptiness of everything
. — Āryadeva. 4 May 2020

Always mindful, regard the world as empty. One who regards the world in this way isn't seen by the Lord of Death. — Sutta Nipāta. 29 April 2020

Buddhism teaches us to accept the inevitability of death and the universality of impermanence, and aims to transcend them. — Master Huijing. 28 April 2020

The moment you think of others with a sense of caring, your mind widens. Within that wider angle, your own problems appear to be of no significance, and this makes a big difference. — His Holiness the Dalai Lama. 27 April 2020

Empty minds, empty bodies, empty emotions, but not nothingness. — Mingyur Rinpoche. 24 April 2020

The path leading to nibbāna—that is where my mind delights. — Saṃyutta Nikāya. 23 April 2020

The miracle is not to walk on water. The miracle is to walk on the green earth. — Thich Nhat Hanh. 22 April 2020

If a person serves sentient beings with the mind of no-self and the mind of equality, his blessed virtues are immeasurable. — Master Huijing. 21 April 2020

You should not only make progress in front of people, or uphold precepts in front of people. Instead, you should forge ahead vigorously and uphold precepts when you are all by yourself as well. — Master Hsuan Hua. 20 April 2020

The dictators of the world are egomaniacal people, obviously. But more ordinary people also function in that way, including ourselves. We would like to possess our world, and so we act in such a way that whatever we see around us is completely in order, according to our desire to maintain the security of “me,” “myself”—which is egohood. — Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche. 17 April 2020

Mind, Buddha, and sentient beings: there is no difference in the three. — Avataṃsaka Sūtra. 16 April 2020

To obtain a human body is extremely difficult, so it is foolish to ignore the Dharma once having found it. Only the Dharma can help you; everything else is worldly beguilement. — Padmasambhava. 15 April 2020

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