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Digital Bodhisattva Podcast

How can we mindfully engage with the rapidly expanding digi-verse in ways that nourish the growth of internal and collective harmony? Digital Bodhisattva is a collaborative space where curious minds come together for engaged reflection on the multiplicity of ways in which the omnipresence of digital technology flavors the felt presence of our modern lives. Join us in these conversations as we explore the path of compassion through a techo-dharmic lens.

The Digital Bodhisattva Podcast is an initiative of the International Network of Engaged Buddhists.

Wisdom with Wangmo Podcast

Dharma College, based in Berkeley, California, has started a series of podcasts with executive director Wangmo Dixey. The focus of this podcast series, called Wisdom with Wangmo, is to explore how to bring Dharma into our daily life. Wangmo has conversations with practitioners along the path who can speak directly from their own experience, hoping to take the Buddha off the meditation cushion and bring the teachings into practical experience. The idea is to explore with Buddhist practitioners, what it is like to live with wisdom teachings and how their lives have been transformed through the Dharma.

Since growing up with the Buddha Dharma, Wangmo has been interested in meeting practitioners along the path, and understanding how they got on the path. This podcast is dedicated to re-imagining wisdom. At Dharma College, our mission is to translate ancient wisdom into everyday life. Using whatever circumstances we encounter as an opportunity for growth, we begin to manifest the extraordinary potential of being these uncertain times provide perfect conditions to discover what is holding us back from the ever available freedom.

Death Dhamma Podcast

Buddhistdoor Global contributor Margaret Maloni, author of the Death Dhamma column, has launched the The Death Dhamma Podcast, which offers open and honest discussions with wise and skillful teachers about their experiences with life, death, and Buddhism.

Everyone has a story, a perspective, and a valuable lesson to share. Embrace death, live a full life and learn to love impermanence because nobody gets out of this alive. If you wonder how others on the path have dealt with death and dying and grief, be sure to listen in.

Buddhist Studies Podcast

Hosted by Dr. Kate Hartmann, The Buddhist Studies Podcast offers in-depth explorations into the field of Buddhist studies, featuring candid conversations and interviews with scholars of Buddhism across the disciplines of religious studies, Indology, art history, South Asian studies, anthropology, and more.

Dr. Hartmann is a scholar of Buddhism and professor of Buddhist studies. She received her PhD in Buddhist Studies from Harvard University in 2021. Her research explores the theory and practice of Tibetan pilgrimage to holy mountains, and focuses on the goal of transforming perception. She also holds an MA in the History of Religions from the University of Chicago, and a BA in Religious Studies from the University of Virginia. She is currently Assistant Professor of Buddhist Studies in the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies at the University of Wyoming.