Buddhistdoor Global contributor Margaret Maloni, author of the Death Dhamma column, has launched the The Death Dhamma Podcast, which offers open and honest discussions with wise and skillful teachers about their experiences with life, death, and Buddhism.

Everyone has a story, a perspective, and a valuable lesson to share. Embrace death, live a full life and learn to love impermanence because nobody gets out of this alive. If you wonder how others on the path have dealt with death and dying and grief, be sure to listen in.

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Episodes on YouTube:

Death Dhamma Podcast Episode 5b:
Lessons Learned from Venerable Guan Zhen – Compassion is Like Water

Death Dhama Podcast Episode 5: Venerable Guan Zhen: Only a Stone has No Feeling

Death Dhamma Podcast Episode 4b: Lessons Learned from Dr. Seth Zuihō Segall

Death Dhamma Podcast Episode 4: Dr. Seth Zuihō Segall – Buddhism Helps Us flourish

Death Dhamma Podcast Episode 3b: Bonus Episode: Lessons Learned from Holly Hisamoto

Death Dhamma Podcast Episode 3: Holly Hisamoto: Death Comes Crashing In

Death Dhamma Podcast Episode 2b: Bonus Episode: Lessons Learned from Ven. De Hong

Death Dhamma Podcast Episode 2: Venerable De Hong: Losing an Abusive Parent
versus Losing a Loving Parent

Death Dhamma Podcast Episode 1b: Bonus Episode: Lessons Learned from Noel

Death Dhamma Podcast Episode 1: Noel Alumit: On the Pandemic Path
from AIDS to COVID-19 and in Between

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