Dharma Realm Buddhist University Professor Receives Fulbright Award for Research in India

Dharma Realm Buddhist University (DRBU) announced this week that Professor Lauren Bausch, a scholar of Vedic thought and language and early Buddhism, was granted a Fulbright US Scholar Program award in Religious Studies. She will use the grant to travel to India for the 2023–24 academic year. There, she will be hosted by the Department of Pali and Buddhist studies, headed by Prof. Mahesh Deokar, at Savitribai Phule Pune University in Pune, where she will work on a book.

Prof. Bausch’s book will explore the philosophy of language and causality in middle and late Vedic texts, as well as their relationship with early Buddhism: “In India, I will have direct access to one of the world’s oldest living spiritual traditions, preserved both in Sanskrit texts and among Vedic priests. I am curious to see what kind of result that yields!” (The Ukiah Daily Journal)

Eight hundred US citizens were granted Fulbright awards for the year. These awards stipulate that the grantees act as cultural ambassadors to strengthen international understanding and academic collaboration between researchers and students around the world.

Prof. Bausch expressed her enthusiasm for the award, saying, “I was so happy that I cried while reading the acceptance letter. It is a huge honor to be selected and I can’t wait to be an academic ambassador, representing the United States of America and conducting research in India.” (The Ukiah Daily Journal)


“While in India, I will also connect with local Vedic and Buddhist practitioners, give lectures, and build a community of Vedic and Buddhist scholars in the US and India. I look forward to meeting old friends and to making new ones,” said Prof. Bausch, adding that the project “investigates the philosophy of language and causality articulated in middle and late Vedic texts . . . identifies and examines the discourses within these texts around the nature of man and the absolute creating itself to experience relativity, and situates the philosophy of the Brahmana texts in Indian intellectual history. Rather than interpret ritual activity through the lens of Mimamsa and Vedanta, this research probes the cosmologies, mythology, and explanatory connections found throughout the Brahmana texts themselves.” (Paso Robles Daily News)

DRBU president Susan Rounds praised Prof. Bausch, saying that her “Fulbright award is a testament to her scholarly excellence and dedication. We take immense pride in her achievements and look forward to the new knowledge and perspectives she will bring back to our community. Her journey will undoubtedly inspire other scholars and students at Dharma Realm Buddhist University.” (The Ukiah Daily Journal)

Prof. Bausch said that she particularly looked forward to carrying out research leading to her first book. Prof. Bausch added that she was excited to share her institution’s values of listening closely in shared inquiry and benefiting others with her Indian colleagues and students: “When I go to India as a Fulbrighter in July, I will carry the DRBU mantle along with our great nation’s, and I will proudly represent everyone from DRBU who helped me along the way to receive this incredible honor and opportunity.” (The Ukiah Daily Journal)

Prof. Bausch with, left to right, Prof. Shrikant Bahulkar, Prof. Mahesh Deokar, and Prof. Lata Deokar from the Department of Pali and Buddhist Studies at Savitribai Phule Pune University. From

Prof. Bausch’s academic journey has seen her traverse a number of religions and disciplines. She has a BA in Political Science and Spanish and earned an MA in Christian Spirituality. She then went on to earn an MA in South and Southeast Asian Studies and a PhD in Sanskrit. During her college studies, she studied in India and volunteered in Colombia.

Beyond the work she will do on the forthcoming book, Prof. Bausch said that she looked forward to building networks with Vedic and Buddhist practitioners in India: “I look forward to meeting old friends and to making new ones.” (The Ukiah Daily Journal)

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Dharma Realm Buddhist University professor receives Fulbright U.S. Scholar award (The Ukiah Daily Journal)
Fulbright Scholarship Winner – Dr. Lauren Bausch (Dharma Realm Buddhist University)
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