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Core of Culture Announces Mudra and the Diamond Spheres, Part 2 Online Lecture Series

Vairocana, Vajradhatu Mandala, Tabo Monastery.
Photo by Christian Luczanits (HVAC). 
Image courtesy of Core of Culture

Core of Culture, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to safeguarding intangible world culture and assisting the continuity of ancient dance traditions, with a focus on Himalayan cultures and Buddhist ritual arts, has announced part two of its free online lecture series titled Mudra and the Diamond Spheres.

These events are hosted online on Tuesdays on 6, 13, and 20 July via Zoom:

7am Los Angeles | 9am Chicago | 10am New York
3pm London | 4pm Rome | 5pm Moscow 
7:30pm New Delhi & Leh | 7:45pm Kathmandu | 10pm Hong Kong 

The project is designed to assist the continuity of tantric Buddhist ritual at the 1,000-year-old Tabo Monastery, where the abbot, Kanden Rinpoche, has asked Core of Culture to document their ancient Vajradhatu ritual. Planning, research, and team-building ensued. Ritual hand movements (mudra) were selected as a lens for inquiry.  With these three extraordinary speakers: Prajwal Vajracharya, Dr. Thinles Dorje, and Dr. Vena Ramphal, Core of Culture is happy to share some of its methods, driving concepts, and practical field work as this new project takes shape.  

For more information, click here.

Mudra & The Diamond Spheres receives lead funding from the Robert H.N. Ho Family Foundation, with additional support from the Kipper Family Foundation

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Mudra & the Diamond Spheres, Part Two (Yangchenma Arts & Music)
Core of Culture
The Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation

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