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Buddhist Monks Near the End of Their Walk for Peace from Florida to New York


A group of Buddhist monks, led by 62-year-old Phra Sutham Nateetong, who embarked on a walking pilgrimage across a section of the United States to promote peace, are now drawing closer to the conclusion of their journey. The pilgrimage, which began in Key West, Florida, on 31 March, will cover more than 3,500 kilometers and is set to end at Niagara Falls, New York, on 30 June. The monks are walking to spread a message of non-violence and harmony across the country.

The monastics began their walk from the southernmost point of the United States in Key West, and have so far covered some 2,775 kilometers of their journey.

Phra Sutham Nateetong, a well-known Buddhist figure, has led numerous walks for peace—some across the US, and others in India, Japan, Malasia, and Vietnam. Phra Sutham’s first trek across the US was in 2019. The monks plan to walk approximately 32 kilometers each day, stopping at various towns and cities along the route to engage with local communities.

The central theme of this pilgrimage is peace. “I want everybody to get to make peace together,” Phra Sutham said. (29 news)

“[We’re] trying to show the world we keep walking peaceful. We don’t fight,” added Phra Suthim Chuaypradit, one of the pilgrims. “If everyone helps together, I think we can do it.” (Butler Eagle)

Along the way, the monks will meet with local leaders, community members, and other religious groups to discuss the importance of peace and non-violence.


Their journey is reminiscent of the traditional Buddhist pilgrimages that monks have undertaken for centuries, which are seen as acts of devotion and opportunities to spread Buddhist teaching. The practice of walking long distances to promote peace has historical roots in many cultures and religions, making this journey a continuation of a long-standing tradition.

Throughout their journey, the monks have stopped in various cities, including Miami, Atlanta, and Washington, DC. In Washington, DC, the group was welcomed by Chuliepote Isarankura Na Ayudhaya, chargé d’affaires at interim at the Royal Thai Embassy. The embassy took the opportunity to join others in offering alms to the monks.


In each location, the monastics participate in community events, meditation sessions, and discussions on peace. These interactions are aimed to fosterng a sense of unity and shared purpose among diverse groups of people along their journey.

last week, in Maryland, a local resident spotted them from her front yard. “I just noticed they were having a nice picnic on the property,” said Lucinda Stouffer. “Which is fine.” (Yahoo! News)

The journey has garnered support from various organizations and individuals. Local Buddhist temples and peace organizations have provided logistical support, food, and lodging for the monks. Buddhist devotees and non-Buddhist citizens have also offered their support at various stops.

Buddhist monk Phra Pratago Camron said: “I like everything in the U.S. The road, everybody, nature. Everybody good.” (Yahoo! News)

However, the journey has not been without challenges, as the monks come to terms with physical exertion, weather conditions, and logistical hurdles. Despite these challenges, they remain committed to their cause.

The monks plan to reach Niagara Falls by the end of this month. A large gathering is expected to welcome them, including representatives from various religious and peace organizations. The final leg of the journey will include a peace ceremony and a public address by Phra Sutham.

The pilgrimage from Key West to Niagara Falls by Phra Sutham and his fellow monastics is a testament to their commitment to peace and non-violence. Throughout their long and arduous journey, they aim to inspire others to embrace peace and understanding.

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