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Why Meditate?

For those who have experienced meditation I think we might all be able to relate with the following situation. We are sitting in a meditation

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A Taste of Zen

Once Zen Master To An was visiting another temple.  He was not wearing his Zen Master clothes, but just the clothes of a wandering monk. 

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Bring Happiness Home

A man went to his colleague’s home for dinner.  At the door, there was a big sign saying: Take off your troubles.Put on a Smiling

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A Liberating Realization

When as an undergraduate philosophy student, I was to write on the concept of self-identity, naturally my thoughts traversed the extensive literature covering the topic

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Logical Tolerance in Buddhism

Problems with bivalent logic The father of classical logic in the Western tradition, Aristotle, had already noticed that in order to save the law of excluded

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