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Paola Di Maio is a systemist, a researcher, a Fellow at the EuroSPES Institute in Leuven, Belgium, and a resident scholar at the Palpung Sherabling Institute of Higher Buddhist Studies.

Mindful Technology is published monthly.

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Right Mindfulness in Systems Design
What technology developers and system engineers can learn from mindfulness
Uploaded 18 May 2018
Right Effort in Systems Design
How right effort and the four right exertions could help intelligent systems design and system development
Uploaded 4 Apr 2018
Right Action in Systems Design
Applying the principles of the six paramitas to systems design
Uploaded 19 Jan 2018
The Right Speech in Systems and Software Development
Using right speech in information technology to leverage wisdom and enhance life
Uploaded 10 Nov 2017
Right Aspiration in Systems Design and Engineering
Dharma lessons for engineers
Uploaded 15 Sep 2017
Right View in Systems Awareness
On the consequences of thought and action in systems design
Uploaded 14 Jul 2017
Towards Dharma-driven Systems Awareness
Developing technology, from a purely technical perspective to awareness-driven design
Uploaded 12 May 2017
Mindful Technology For Right Livelihood: Foundations and Examples
Enabling sustainable entrepreneurship, promoting ethical values
Uploaded 10 Mar 2017
Knowledge Technologies and Openness
The potential of the world at our fingertips
Uploaded 10 Feb 2017
Harnessing Knowledge Technologies to Overcome Ignorance
Our new columnist seeks a more enlightened view of technology
Uploaded 11 Nov 2016
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