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Meetings and Crossroads: The International Association of Buddhist Studies 17th Congress

In late August, the International Association of Buddhist Studies (IABS) held its 17th Congress at the University of Vienna. The event was attended by an international body of scholars with wide-ranging interests, from Vajrayana in Siberia to ideals of masculinity in ancient India. In this series of articles, our contributor Elsa Lau, who also presented at the congress, and Buddhistdoor senior correspondent Raymond Lam offer a glimpse of the conference and the scholars’ diverse research, from the curious and intriguing to the personal and affective.   

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A General Overview of the 17th IABS Congress in Vienna (18–23 August 2014)

An Interview with Professor Pauline Yu—President of the American Council of Learned Societies

Rethinking Buddhist Practices and the Buddha’s Bodily Features—An Interview with John Powers

A General Overview of the Section “Buddhist Art and Architecture” at the IABS 2014

Spiritual Borderlands: Folklore, Identity, and Vajrayana in Southern Siberia

Tocharian Lives and Loves: Haunting Mummies and their Buddhist Descendants

The University of Vienna. From Wikimedia Commons.

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