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In Search of Sustainable Happiness: Master of Buddhist Studies 2014-15

This year’s poster for the CBS program highlights the unique facets the course offers. From HKU.

Happiness is something we all long for. Yet, a state of happiness, once obtained, is difficult to sustain. What makes happiness sustainable? How can we stay relaxed and happy in this world of constant change and bustle? The Master of Buddhist Studies program may enlighten you to a possible answer.

Programme Objectives

– To offer quality teaching on the fundamental understanding and in-depth analysis of Buddhism from the textual, doctrinal and historical perspectives

– To elucidate on the application of Buddhist teachings in modern society

Areas of Study

– History and doctrines of various Buddhist traditions

– Contemporary Buddhism

– Buddhism as applied in counseling, palliative care and psychotherapy

– Scriptural languages and textual studies

The program is inviting applications for the intake in September 2014. For course details, regulations and application procedures, please visit the website of Centre of Buddhist Studies, HKU:

The program has run for more than 10 years, it attracts students from various professional backgrounds, nationalities and even religions. There are over 500 graduates already. Some of their sharing is extracted below:

This program has enhanced my understanding and practice of Buddhism leading me to achieve a higher level of inner peace and happiness. (Ben Kwong; Chief Operating Officer, KGI Asia Ltd.; graduate of 2004)

“MBS is the most enlightening course that I have taken. I studied Buddhism as a philosophy, a religion, a way of living and more….” (Josephine Ma; solicitor & mediator; graduate of 2004)

“MBS does not only offer me a certificate.  I have gained knowledge, friendships and vision… All the courses on offer are worth attending… The professors are real masters, not only lecturers…” (Mak Kwok-ho; secondary school teacher; graduate of 2005)

“The MBS Program has exposed me to a new world of Buddhism: a much deeper understanding of what the Buddha had done and said, of the fundamental spirit of Buddhism, and of the Buddhist way of looking at life. I am a changed man, for the better, I believe.” (Lam Woon-kwong; Convenor of the Non-Official Members of the Executive Council; graduate of 2007)

“This program has given me a much broader perspective about what Buddhism really is… I am able to make better use of the teaching in my life…” (Janet Lau; yoga teacher; graduate of 2013)

“The program is just great. The curriculum is perfectly structured. The teachers are exceedingly knowledgeable and caring. I don’t think that I’ve ever been so intellectually stimulated before. (Magdalena Maria Jeziorna; current student from Poland)

More sharing of the MBS graduates is available at the following link:

Closing Date of Application: March 17, 2014

Course Commencement: September 2014

Enquiries: 3917-2847

Email: [email protected]

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