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10th Anniversary Brochure

Walking Together on the path to Sustainable Happiness

Happiness is something we all long for. Yet, a state of happiness, once obtained, is difficult to sustain. What makes happiness sustainable? How can we stay relaxed and happy in this world of constant change and bustle? Buddhist studies may offer the answers you are looking for. We hope to walk together with you on the path to search for sustainable happiness.

In search of sustainable happiness

In the last two decades, advances in science and technology have taken on unprecedented speed, and new modes of communication have changed the way people have lived, worked and interacted with others. Societies have undergone upheaval in financial markets and political change. Consumerism and the quest for material satisfaction have dominated our lives. Traditional values have been challenged. The fast pace ofthese changes has brought on more uncertainty, unease, stress and anxiety. In the corporate world, there has been not only a trend to search for a more sustainable and ethical way to do business,but also a search to harmoniously relate to others and the environment. On the individual level, there has been an escalating interest in introspection, and a strive for a balance between the “spiritual” and the “material” world. There has been also a growing recognition that physical wellness is connected to the mind. Intelligentsia worldwide has viewed Buddhism as an antidote for the vexed mind and an aid to the establishment of a decent social order.

The Buddha taught the root cause of suffering and provided the key toits cessation. He expositedthe law behind the arising of phenomena, observed things as they truly are, and imparted wisdom that has stoodthe test of time. The present milieu finds the Buddha’s teaching mostpertinent and relevant.The Centre of Buddhist Studies of The University of Hong Kong came into being in recognition of this tremendous upsurge of interest in Buddhism. The interest in and study of Buddhism are no longer restricted to believers and academics but has attracted a wide spectrum of participation. It is the intention of the Centre that students engaged in the programme would gain a better understanding of the teaching of the Buddha as well as the history and development of Buddhism.

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