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The Dhamma to be Practiced

Anyone familiar with Buddhism must be familiar with the P?li term “Dhamma” or the Sanskrit term “Dharma”. Leaving aside all the philosophical connotations implied by the term Dhamma, most would understand

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Buddhist Meditation (2/2)

As one’s meditation develops progressively, the mental concentration intensifies. With the progressive intensification of mental concentration, scattered thoughts are being reduced and the mind becomes

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The Sound of Silence

I have just returned from a silent meditation retreat in the north of England at Throssel Hole Buddhist Abbey. It was fantastic to get away

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Coping with Bad Memories

Each day our senses are bombarded with various experiences. As soon as we wake up a flood of information enters into our eyes and ears.

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Why Meditate?

For those who have experienced meditation I think we might all be able to relate with the following situation. We are sitting in a meditation

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