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【Dialogue on Buddhist Counselling】

Buddhist Counselling is an emerging field of practice and study. Over the last decade, Ven. Hin Hung has founded a Master of Buddhist Counselling at the University of Hong Kong published some ground breaking research and pioneer a few initiatives to establish Buddhist Counselling as a recognized profession in Hong Kong. The Society is honored to invite Ven. Hin Hung to share his journey and vision for the future. Panelists including Ven. Wai Leung, Ernest and Venus will also discuss their experience in serving communities at the Universities and healthcare institutions in Canada.

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Guest Panelists:

Venerable Sik Hin Hung
Founding Fellow and Former Director of the Centre of Buddhist Studies of The University of Hong Kong

Venerable Sik Wai Leung
Guest Master of Tung Lin Kok Yuen

Dr. Ernest Ng
Chief Executive Officer of Tung Lin Kok Yuen, Canada Society

Dr. Venus Wong
Honorary Assistant Professor – Medical Ethics and Humanities Unit, HKU LKS Faculty of Medicine

Date & Time:
6/15 (SAT) 10:00-12:00 PST

Tung Lin Kok Yuen, Canada Society
(Cantonese/Mandarin/English Simultaneous Interpretation)