Dharma Rain

Buddhistdoor Global is pleased to announce the launch of our latest Buddhist media project: a quarterly e-magazine titled Dharma Rain. The original Dharma Rain was first launched as a quarterly supplement to the main magazine of the Malaysia-based Kwan Inn Teng Foundation. The relaunched Dharma Rain is a thematic e-magazine that draws on selected topics covered by the main Buddhistdoor Global website that are of consistent interest to our audience.

Every quarter, our IFrame Reader is updated with the newest issue. You can browse each issue by clicking on the Reader, and download your own copy of the issue. Enjoy each of our past issues below our IFrame Reader, which will open up into a new link

The Buddhistdoor Global editorial team

VOLUME 6: Buddhism and Social Engagement (APRIL - JUNE 2021)


VOLUME 5: Lessons from Loss Edition (JANUARY - MARCH 2021)

VOLUME 4: The Buddhism and Mental Resilience Edition (OCTOBER - DECEMBER 2020)

VOLUME 3: The Youth & Buddhism Edition (AUGUST - OCTOBER 2020)

VOLUME 2: Danger and the Opportunity for Change (MAY - JULY 2020)

VOLUME 1: The Climate Change Edition (JANUARY - APRIL 2020)

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