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Pandemic Roundup

The COVID-19 pandemic has touched the lives on everyone on the planet in ways that few of us might have anticipated, bringing in its wake, fear, uncertainty, and suffering as ways of life are disrupted, economies stumble, and governments and community leaders endeavor to respond with decisions that have far-reaching, possibly irreversible impacts on the lives and livelihoods of billions of people.

As events have unfolded, Buddhistdoor Global has sought to maintain regularly updated coverage of events in the Buddhist world, and to share responses and wisdom from Buddhist teachers, leaders, communities, and practitioners from around the globe. The international Buddhist community has been galvanized to respond with compassionate engagement, reaching out to offer comfort and assistance to those in need, as far means and circumstances allow. The emphasis on the importance of social engagement has never more pertinent than amid the widespread disruption that communities, societies, and economies are currently experiencing—especially where the vulnerable and disadvantaged have been disproportionately impacted by community lockdowns and economic upheaval.

For easy reference, all of Buddhistdoor Global’s content pertaining to the global COVID-19 pandemic has been compiled and made available through the links below.