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Beauty and Memory

It is a choice to remember life in beautiful ways. Dance is an art made of life itself. The human body as medium contains within

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Self-Expression of the No-Self

Meditation is like dancing inasmuch as the experience is entirely individual. The body becomes the laboratory for energetic exercises, and the embodiment of prescribed shapes.

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Following Ancient Traces

After seeing several Cham festivals in remote places on a 2014 trip to Ladakh and neighboring Zanskar, I came to the conclusion that video-documenting Cham

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Fifteen Good Years

I first traveled to Ladakh in the western Himalaya 15 years ago, after being invited by a lama I met on the beach in front

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Dancers in High Places

The dancing mind is another mind. In Vajrayana Buddhist Cham, dance is yoga, the dancing mind the whole point—the center of the experience. Monk-dancers are

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A Concern for Beauty

The earthquakes in Nepal were not merely geological—some of humanity’s oldest symbols got jumbled and tumbled. Mount Everest and the Kathmandu Valley have been wonders

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