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Nachaya Campbell-Allen is a mother of three, philosopher, artist, and iconologist. She was first immersed in Buddhism during the early 1980s when geshes lived in her London home. Nachaya has been working as a professional artist in France since 2009, with a focus on divinity, particularly Eastern motifs. She is part of the Buddhist art collective Dakini as Art (creative sister to the Yogini Project) and now has work being owned by a growing number of collectors worldwide.

Nacahaya also has a deep fascination with peeling back the veil of local narratives and seeing a bigger picture of how things work on both micro and macro levels, marrying profound spirituality with phenomenal experience and our emotional journey and posing questions for contemplation and dialogue. Life is still her biggest educator and single handedly parenting her children has been the biggest teacher of all.

Nachaya’s Book Corner focuses on reviews of books and writings of interest to Buddhist practitioners