Ratnadevi is a mindfulness teacher, trainer and retreat leader based in Scotland. She is the author of <i><a href=””>Bringing Mindfulness to Life</a></i>. As a qualified coach she offers a range of one-to-one services, including online mindfulness teaching, mentoring and supervising. She is a member of the Triratna Buddhist Order and wrote an arts-based PhD thesis looking at the place of ritual for Buddhists practicing in the modern world.

Bringing Mindfulness to Life is published monthly.


This simple yet powerful practice helps us to let go of our egoic self and recognize our deep interconnectedness with all around us

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A Buddhist practice for mindfully and compassionately entering into our individual and collective loss

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A meditation on the Buddhist virtue of patience as an active and joyful practice

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Not Knowing

A meditation on the Buddhist practice of not knowing or “don’t know mind” and its relevance in our busy and chaotic world

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Mindful Christmas!

Meditating on the ritual of Christmas as an opportunity to reflect on habit, culture, consumption, and mindfulness

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