Beginner’s Mind

Buddhism and Buddhist Thought through New Eyes

Beginner’s Mind is a special project from Buddhistdoor Global collecting insightful essays written by college students in the US who have attended experiential-learning-based courses related to Buddhism. Some of the authors identify as Buddhists, for others it is their first encounter with the Buddhadharma. All are sharing reflections and impressions on what they’ve learned, how it has impacted their lives, and how they might continue to engage with the teaching.

Beginner’s Mind aims to offer a platform for these students to share their views on the Buddhadharma from the perspective of the “beginner’s mind.” Through commentaries, insights, and observations, these essays address some of the imminent challenges facing young people and the world today, from social and economic inequality to environmental sustainability and beyond, filtered through the lens of Buddhist philosophy.

Beginner’s Mind is updated monthly.

With special thanks to Susanne Ryuyin Kerekes, Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of Religion at Williams College, and Jessica Xiaomin Zu, Assistant Professor of Religion at USC Dornsife.

  Buddhist Material Culture 
15 July 2021
Reflections on environment and interconnection.
4 June 2021
Finding the right questions to the answers.
6 May 2021
Insights into life, interconnection, and non-self.
  Buddhist Economics 
8 April 2021
Planting seeds of insight, effort, and virtue.
3 March 2021
A meditation on time, impermanence, and possibility.
2 February 2021
Articulating a Buddhist response to structural trauma through dance.
6 January 2021
Our unsustainable reality
of structural violence.
21 December 2020
Thoughts on Buddhist economics and structural inequality.
30 November 2020
Reflections on Buddhist economics and our learned
24 September 2020
Intention and volition on the path to meaning.
29 August 2020
Thoughts on impermanence and meaning in a precarious world.
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