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Meher McArthur

Meher McArthur

Meher McArthur is an Asian art curator, writer, and educator with a specialty in Japanese art based in the Los Angeles area. She is the Art and Cultural Director for JAPAN HOUSE Los Angeles. She has curated over 20 exhibitions on aspects of Asian art for museums and galleries in the United States. Her publications include Reading Buddhist Art: An Illustrated Guide to Buddhist Signs and Symbols (Thames & Hudson, 2002), The Arts of Asia: Materials, Techniques, Styles (Thames & Hudson, 2005), and Confucius: A Biography (Quercus, London, 2010; Pegasus Books, New York, 2011), Folding Paper: The Infinite Possibilities of Origami (with Robert J. Lang, Tuttle, 2012) and New Expressions in Origami Art (Tuttle, 2017). She also wrote the children's book An ABC of What Art Can Be (The Getty, 2010). Buddhist Art is published occasionally.

The Many Forms of Avalokiteshvara

To many practitioners of the Mahayana schools of Buddhism of East Asia and the esoteric traditions of the Himalayas and Japan, bodhisattvas, or “enlightenment beings,”

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