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Lluís Nansen Salas

Lluís Nansen Salas

Lluís Nansen Salas holds a BSc in Theoretical Physics from the UAB and started practicing Zen in 1991. He was ordained as a Zen monk in 1995 in the lineage of Japanese master Taisen Deshimaru and Roland Yuno Rech, from whom he received Dharma transmission in 2016. His scientific education, as well as the trust he has in each person’s experience, leads him to teach Zen based on objectivity and empiricism, in a way that is easily understandable for Western practice and approaching the most profound spiritual matters with no prejudices. He is the author of the books Meditación zen. El arte de simplemente ser (2017), Mindfulness zen. La consciencia del ahora (2018) and Dharma Zen. El Ojo de la maravillosa revelación (2019). Published by Ediciones Invisibles, Barcelona.

The Dry Lake

An intimate account of the rise and decline of one of Europe’s first centers of Zen Buddhism

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