Annual Geshema Examinations Held in Dharamsala
3 May 2016
By Craig Lewis
Fourth Geshema examination at Gaden Choeling Nunnery held on Sunday
IBC Marks Birth Anniversary of Emperor Ashoka
29 Apr 2016
Resolution to petition Indian government to create a national holiday
Trauma and the Vagus Nerve: When Mindfulness is Not Enough
28 Apr 2016
In cases of deep psychological trauma, mindfulness alone can be ineffective
India’s PM Modi Uses Buddhist Monks to Woo Dalit Voters in Uttar Pradesh
27 Apr 2016
70-80 monks to support Modi campaign in state poll
Preserving a Centuries-old Buddhist Practice for Jizo Bosatsu
27 Apr 2016
Bodhisattva plays a prominent role for a Japanese village in Nara
UNESCO Head Commends International Conservation Effort in Lumbini
26 Apr 2016
Preservation project funded by Japan and implemented by UNESCO
Last Rites and Cremation Performed for Sayadaw U Pandita
25 Apr 2016
Followers from across Myanmar and overseas gather to pay their respects
Archaeological Evidence of Buddhist Settlements in Odisha Reveals Ancient Trade Routes
22 Apr 2016
Research reveals Silk Road supported by riverine trade
Eating Our Way to a Cleaner Planet
21 Apr 2016
Can edible cutlery help reduce plastic waste?
Buddhist Delegation From Sri Lanka Visits Pakistan to Cement Cultural Ties
20 Apr 2016
Pakistan seeks to revive heritage of the ancient "Gandhara Trail"
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