<i>Buddhistdoor View</i>: A Buddhist Vision of Media and Journalism

Buddhistdoor View: A Buddhist Vision of Media and Journalism

By Buddhistdoor | Uploaded 5 Feb 2016
An alternative model for ethical journalism
Self-Expression of the No-Self
Buddhist dance as a manifestation of the meditative experience
Uploaded 5 Feb 2016
Approaching Vajrayana – Part Four: A Tale of Two Sciences
An examination of Tibetan Buddhism's empirical approach to the study of the Dharma
Uploaded 5 Feb 2016
Lama Palden Drolma: Transmitting the Teachings to the West
A profile of a Western female lama in North America
Uploaded 5 Feb 2016
Three Ways to Introduce the Pure Land Teachings in the Three Pure Land Sutras
Knowing Amitabha Buddha from the three Pure Land sutras
Uploaded 5 Feb 2016
Monastic Seminaries and the Chinese Dream, Part One: Polity, Power, and Persuasion
A study of the relationship between the modern Chinese state and the Buddhist seminary
Uploaded 29 Jan 2016
Airbrushing our Heroes
Exploring the acceptance and forgiveness of our own failings and those of others
Uploaded 29 Jan 2016
Buddhism in Northern Europe: A Snapshot - Khuong Viet Temple, Norway
Bridging the divide between "ethnic" and "Western" Buddhism
Uploaded 29 Jan 2016
Beauty and the Feminine Buddhist Spirit in Spiti
A photographic journey into remote Himalayan Buddhist communities
Uploaded 29 Jan 2016
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