David Yeung on Climate Change, Ecological Sustainability, and Buddhist Philosophy
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David Yeung is a Hong Kong-born entrepreneur and environmentalist. He founded Green Monday, an innovative social venture that takes on on climate change, food insecurity, health issues and animal welfare with a diverse platform that shifts individuals, communities, and corporations towards sustainable, healthy, and mindful living. In this talk at Tung Lin Kok Yuen Canada Society in Vancouver, Mr. Yeung offers his perspective on the pressing ecological problems of our time, balancing his assessment with his vision of sustainable eating and green living, and how Buddhist philosophy can make a positive difference. 

Awards and recognitions won by Green Monday and Mr. Yeung include “50 Most Innovative Companies,” “100 Most Creative People in China,” “Asia 100 Pioneers”, “Ten Outstanding Young Persons Hong Kong”, “Best Idea of the Year.” 

Category: Social Engagement
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