Plum Village Schools and Educators Retreat special edition, April 2013
Uploaded 10 April 2013 | Photos: 109 | Views: 1,823
From high school teachers to preceptors and university lecturers, seminary rectors to professors, tutors, or pastors, facilitating learning in a spiritually nourishing way has been a long-time concern of educators. With a philosophy that meets every challenge imaginable, Thich Nhat Hanh's applied ethics have changed the lives of mentors and students alike.

From the 4th to the 8th I had the privilege of being invited by Plum Village HK to join April's Schools and Educators Retreat at Mahachulalongkorn University (MCU). It is my pleasure to present the fruit of this visit to lovely Thailand: a special edition dedicated to all teachers, Thay, and his sangha. Please visit to return to the retreat special edition's homepage.
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