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Drought Reveals Lost Buddhist Temple in Thailand
Monastics and laypeople return to pay respects
Uploaded 6 Aug 2019
Climate Change in the Himalayas Signals Drought for the “Highest Village in the World”
Water sources drying up in India's remote Spiti Valley
Uploaded 2 Aug 2017
Sacred Lotus Flowers in Thailand Blossom for the First Time in a Decade
Rejuvenated wetland recovers from drought, pollution
Uploaded 22 Jun 2017
Dalai Lama Lends Weight to Interfaith Climate Change Statement
270 senior religious figures call on world leaders to ratify climate pact
Uploaded 19 Apr 2016
Hundreds Attend Omizutori Ceremony at Japan’s Historic Todai Temple
Japanese pilgrims cleanse negative karma in ritual dating back to 752
Uploaded 16 Mar 2016
Buddha Footprints Found in Andhra Pradesh
Archaeologists verify largest Buddhapada found in southern India
Uploaded 20 Nov 2015
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