New Details Emerge on Expulsion of Nuns in Driru County, Tibet Autonomous Region

By Craig Lewis
Buddhistdoor Global | 2015-11-09 |
Demolished residences in Driru County, Tibet Autonomous Region. From phayul.comDemolished residences in Driru County, Tibet Autonomous Region. From

Further details have been reported on the expulsion of Buddhist nuns in late September from Jada Gaden Khachoeling Nunnery in Driru County, Naqu Prefecture, in China’s Tibet Autonomous Region. The latest information indicates that a total of 106 nuns were turned out of the nunnery in Pekar Township and their residences destroyed by state authorities led by Driru County official Sangay Tashi.

The expelled nuns have been prohibited from wearing robes or engaging in religious activities, and have been sent to their homes in Driru and neighboring counties, the news website said, citing a report by the Tibetan-language news service Voice of Tibet. It added that the nuns had also been required to attend “patriotic re-education sessions” on a daily basis, although it did not say for how long.

Tenzin Pelmo, a nun at Jangchup Choeling nunnery in South India, was quoted as saying: “I can clearly say that the incident took place as announced by the Chinese Authorities . . . When the demolition finished, even the materials that the nuns themselves bought with their own money were taken away.” (

She added that the land was likely to be appropriated for state use as the living quarters were demolished under the pretext of building new quarters, a home for aged nuns, and schools. “They [the state authorities] lied and deceived the nuns by telling them that they would construct homes for old nuns, new living quarters as well as schools for new entrants in the nunnery,” Pelmo was quoted as saying, adding that there had been news of some nuns committing suicide and others disrobing following the incident.

Also speaking from India, Ngawang Tharpa was cited by Voice of America – Tibetan as saying that 26 nuns were expelled from the same nunnery in November last year, but that the latest move was the first time that the authorities had destroyed property.

Jada Gaden Khachoeling Nunnery was built in 1488 and belongs to the Gelukpa school of Tibetan Buddhism. Only about 60 nuns remain at the nunnery as a result of the crackdown.

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