“Echoes of Love” Event to Celebrate 30 Years of Lama Kelzang’s Dharma Activities in Hong Kong and 20 Years of Jangchub Phuntsok Ling Buddhist Charity Centre

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Event Details

Dates: 10-11 June 2017
Venue: MacPherson Stadium: 1/F, 38 Nelson Street, Mong Kok, Kowloon
Cost: Free

A two-day event titled “Echoes of Love” will commemorate Lama Kelzang’s 30 years of Dharma service in Hong Kong and 20 years since the establishment of his Buddhist practice center, Jangchub Phuntsok Ling Buddhist Charity Centre (JPLBCC).

Attendees can look forward to a rich program of cultural and spiritual activities over the weekend of 10-11 June. The 10th will consist of an evening program geared more towards devotees of the Vajrayana tradition, and as such features a Two-Armed Mahakala Puja with sutra chanting and a Mahakali Palden Lhamo and Vajra Sadhu Dance.

The 11th features the Prayer in Seven Chapters of Padmakara Vajra Dance, which will star young monks from Sangye Mingyur Ling (SML), a practice center dedicated to Milarepa on the border between India and Bhutan, and also initiated by Lama Kelzang. There will be an opportunity to give offerings to Guru Rinpoche and the monastics present, along with a chanting of the Six Syllable Mantra and dedication of merit. The event is free and all are welcome. 

Born in Bhutan, Lama Kelzang is a teacher of the Karma Kagyu tradition and has completed many charity and Dharma projects over his three decades in in Hong Kong, including meals with the elderly and many pujas. He said of the event: “JPL is my connection to the Hong Kong people, and we have tried our best to serve them, such as with pujas for the deceased. Whatever we do in our center is free of any compulsory charge.”

One disciple, TK Ngan, said: “I have been with Sifu [master] for 29 years and taken refuge from him as my guru for 28 years. To me, Sifu has taught quite a lot in Dharma and treated me with full compassion and kindness. He has always with me in tackling some spiritual problems and encouraged me, especially during hard times.”

Another devotee, Amy Cheng, said: “I have known Lama Kelzang since 1990. He first struck me as a very sincere lama, which was why I began my Dharma learning and became a Buddhist.  I am very grateful that Lama Kelzang has been teaching me how to live a meaningful life, and how I can attain ultimate happiness through the Dharma. Through daily practice we can turn our mind away from bad habits, and I’m always able to review my choices and conduct and become calmer and more peaceful. After participating in many center activities, I’ve recognized the value of helping others and divorcing myself from our many expectations and desires. My life has become more joyful and meaningful.”

“When my intended predecessor was sent from Rumtek Monastery to Hong Kong, he expected to stay for only six months,” chuckles Lama Kelzang. But the previous master was unable to come, and so Lama Kelzang took his place. Six months has since stretched into three decades, benefiting his Hong Kong disciples significantly.

“I am a businesswoman,” said Ms. Cheng, “but nothing can compare with the Dharma. Money can make you rich, but Dharma brings you contentment. I thank Lama Kelzang from the bottom of my heart.”

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