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China Clamps Down on For-profit Buddhism
Twelve government departments issue joint directive
Uploaded 14 Dec 2017
Buddhist Pagoda in China’s Sichuan Province Burns to the Ground
Four-hour blaze reduces tower and two halls to ashes
Uploaded 11 Dec 2017
New Research Shows Healthy Diets are also Healthier for the Environment
How our dietary choices impact the planet
Uploaded 6 Dec 2017
Chinese Buddhism the Focus of a New Study at University of Arizona
Exploring the roots of Buddhism in China
Uploaded 30 Nov 2017
The Dalai Lama Urges Greater Cooperation Between China and India
Remarks follow recent border tensions between two nations
Uploaded 23 Nov 2017
Cremated Remains Claimed to Belong to the Buddha Discovered in Chinese Village
Purported Buddha's relics discovered in ruins of temple complex
Uploaded 22 Nov 2017
Researchers Seek to Unravel Mysteries of “Messy Manuscripts” from Dunhuang Cave
Manuscripts give a glimpse of Buddhist study and practice in ancient China
Uploaded 3 Nov 2017
Buddhist Artifacts Unearthed From 700-year-old Shipwreck in China
More than 100 Yuan dynasty antiquities recovered
Uploaded 31 Oct 2017
Amitofo Care Centers in Africa Raising Thousands of Orphaned Children
The centers draw on African and Chinese culture, and Buddhist philosophy
Uploaded 30 Oct 2017
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