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First Buddhist Cemetery Opens in Eastern Germany
Buddhist burial ground opens in Dresden after four-year struggle
Uploaded 30 Sep 2015
Indian State of Maharashtra Mulls Separate Law for Buddhist Marriages
Buddhists call for differences in marriage rituals to be recognized
Uploaded 30 Sep 2015
Dalai Lama Cancels US Visits in October on Medical Advice
His Holiness to return to Dharamsala to rest
Uploaded 29 Sep 2015
The Thai Bhikkhuni Order: From One to One Hundred and More to Come
A small group of Buddhist nuns are blowing a wind of change across the Thai sangha
Uploaded 25 Sep 2015
Composer Phillip Bimstein Debuts Buddhism-inspired Work on the Brahmaviharas
Bimstein endeavours to express the “Four Immeasurables” in music
Uploaded 24 Sep 2015
“Afro Buddha” Statue on Rare Extended Display at Todaiji Museum in Nara, Japan
Statue usually only on public view for one day a year will be shown until 18 October
Uploaded 23 Sep 2015
Dalai Lama Urges Shugden Followers to Rely on Research, not Anger
Dalai Lama says individuals are free to ignore his advice on the practice
Uploaded 23 Sep 2015
Museum Exhibiting 200 Ancient Buddhist Statues to Open in Hebei
Some pieces estimated to be about 1,500 years old
Uploaded 22 Sep 2015
Neuroscience Research Supports Buddhist View of an Ever-changing Self
Research points to a convergence of science with Buddhist thought
Uploaded 21 Sep 2015
Thousands Attend Kalachakra Empowerment at Kumbum Monastery in Qinghai
Ceremony was conducted by the senior Tibetan lama Geja Rinpoche
Uploaded 21 Sep 2015
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