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Buddhistdoor's newsletter, New Lotus, brings to you the newest activities from our editorial team, encompassing important events, coverage of key issues of concern to Buddhists, and places we've visited and people we've met. At the end of each month we put together the stories, trends, and events shaping the Buddhist world and deliver them to your inbox.

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Past Issues


Buddhistdoor Global: The Great Humbling (August 2021)
Buddhistdoor Global: Intermediary and Transitional Processes (July 2021)
Buddhistdoor Global: Looking Inward to Our Emotions (May 2021)
Buddhistdoor Global: Discovering the New and Unknown (May 2021)
Buddhistdoor Global: Asian Stories (March 2021)
Buddhistdoor Global: Inward Reflection and Outward Beauty (February 2021)
Buddhistdoor Global: Welcoming 2021 – Taking Stock of the Old and Welcoming the New (January 2021)


Buddhistdoor Global: Happiness and Hope (December 2020)
Buddhistdoor Global: Grounded-ness in the Present (November 2020)
Buddhistdoor Global: Be Compassionate to All (September 2020)
Buddhistdoor Global: Constancy and Change (August 2020)
Buddhistdoor Global: Reflecting at Home (May 2020)
Buddhistdoor Global: Uniting Self and Other (April 2020)
Buddhistdoor Global: The Global Coronavirus Pandemic (March 2020)


Buddhistdoor Global: Moving Toward Hopeful Maturity (December 2019)
Buddhistdoor Global: Time is Now and Only Now (October 2019)
Buddhistdoor Global: Holding the Line for Planet Earth (September 2019)
Buddhistdoor Global: Leadership, Grand and Small (August 2019)

Buddhistdoor Global: Asia - Fulcrum of Buddhist Developments (July 2019) 

Buddhistdoor Global: Peace Involves Us All (June 2019)
Buddhistdoor Global: Touching Base (May 2019)


Visual and Cultural Wonders of the Buddhist Spirit (March 2018)
Manifesting Empathy for Individuals and Communities (February 2018)
Renewing our Understanding of Contemporary Dharma (January 2018)
The Mahayana Tradition in Contemporary China (January 2018)


Happy Holidays and Joyful New Year! (December 2017)
Getting Inspiration from Buddhist Literature (November 2017)
Thinking Big About Social Matters (October-November 2017)
Contemplation and Philosophy (September 2017)
Harmony for All (August 2017)
Celebrating the Contributions of Women to the Dharma (July 2017)
The Silk Road Renaissance (May 2017)
New Developments (April 2017)
Artistic and Cultural Delights of Buddhism (March 2017)
Tranquility and Compassion in a Turbulent World (February 2017)
New Year, Renewed Commitment (January 2017)


Bidding a Compassionate Farewell to 2016 (December 2016)
Social Action and Awareness for Complex Times (November 2016)
Transforming the Individual and Society (October 2016)
Living a Life of Balance, Peace, and Awareness (September 2016)
Celebrating Buddhist Studies and Scholarship (August 2016)
Cherishing Our Buddhist Stories (July 2016) 
Global Buddhist Leadership in Mahayana and Vajrayana (June 2016)
From Thimphu to Rome (May 2016)
Meditation, Compassion, and Art (April 2016)
Preserving Memories and Heritage (March 2016)

Welcome to Doorpost! (February 2016)
Happy New Year! (January 2016)


End of Year Reflections (December 2015)
Special Issue: Buddhist Frontiers (December 2015)
Vajrayana Milestones (November 2015)

Tenzin Palmo, World Affairs, and Climate Crises (October 2015)
Tibetan Buddhism on the Silver Screen (September 2015)
The Way of the Pilgrim (August 2015)

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