Karma Pakshi - the 2nd Karmapa

Anniversary Day Talk 25th November at 3pm

“Karma Pakshi, the 2nd Karmapa: his life and his meditations advice,” by Charles Manson
At The Buddhist Society and online

Join Zoom Meeting for the talk on Karma Pakshi’s life and writings

Meeting ID: 898 5941 7155

(the meditations session is in-person only, at The Buddhist Society)

3.pm – 3.50pm talk
4.pm – 5.30pm meditations (5 short sessions of 15 mins with 4 relax breaks)

About the talk

Karma Pakshi helped form the reincarnate Lama tradition in its early stages of development, which led 300 years later to the Dalai Lamas tradition. A master of meditation and a visionary, he was influential in the courts of two Mongolian emperors, Kubilai Khan and Mongke Khan, and gave both emperors meditation advice. The talk by Charles Manson will outline the life history of Karma Pakshi (based on the memoirs), and then there will a session of meditation based on the meditations that Karma Pakshi taught in Tibet, China and Mongolia. Copies of The Second Karmapa Karma Pakshi Tibetan Mahasiddha, will be available to purchase on the day and the author will be happy to sign them too.

Charles Manson is currently a librarian for the Tibetan collections at Bodleian Library (Oxford University) and the British Library (London).


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