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The Nostalgia of 2,500 Years: Celebrating South Asia’s Buddhist Heritage
Buddhist traditions and spiritual heritage of the region
Uploaded 18 Dec 2015
Takht-i-Bahi: The Jewel of Pakistan’s Cultural Heritage
An ancient, beautiful Mahayana monastery
Uploaded 19 Jun 2015
The Turkish "Great Teacher" ─ Fethullah Gülen and his Amazing Social Reforms
  Original Chinese text: Elsa Lam Translation: Brenda Leung English Editing: Raymond Lam           Hence, there is no doubt t
Uploaded 15 Oct 2012
Bringing Buddha to life on the District line
Poet, linguist and Telegraph editor - meet the extraordinary Sir Edwin Arnold I went to a meeting this week at the London headquarters of the Buddhist Society, where I was invited to sit in Sir Edwin
Uploaded 22 Nov 2009
A Liberating Realization
When as an undergraduate philosophy student, I was to write on the concept of self-identity, naturally my thoughts traversed the extensive literature covering the topic and intensified my reflections
Uploaded 1 May 2009
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