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Is Life Suffering? The Four Noble Truths in Daily Life: Part One
Part one of a reflection about the First Noble Truth
Uploaded 3 Jul 2015
Vipassana Meditation and Mindfulness
“The mind is everything. What you think, you become.” – The Buddha   Introduction   So many are living stressful lives filled with hatred, greed, anger and other unwholesome states of mind. Our he
Uploaded 11 Jul 2013
A Nun's Journey
We feature this interview with Venerable Nirodha from the Dhammasera Monastery in western Australia conducted by our Dhamma friend, Eng Chin Ho, of the Buddhist Fellowship organization in Si
Uploaded 1 Mar 2012
Four Noble Truths
The heart of the Buddha’s teaching lies in the Four Noble Truths
Uploaded 11 Dec 2007
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