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Ven. Hin Hung Interview: “Buddhism confronts an uncertain but exciting future”
Our conversation with Ven. Hin Hung on the future of Buddhism.
Uploaded 1 Apr 2014
The Bodhisattva Career in Shantideva: Part 1
In this two-part column series, we will visit the philosophical nuances and tensions in the thought of Shantideva, an important Indo-Tibetan philosopher (circa 8th century CE). To understand Shantidev
Uploaded 10 Jun 2013
Synergy or Collision: University students encountering Buddhism in China
Editor's note: This feature was first published in the now-retired Bodhi Journal, Issue 3, April 2007. In this paper, my goal is to examine the relationship between university students and Buddhism in
Uploaded 17 Apr 2013
Wisdom and Compassion: The Blessed One’s Gifts to All Beings
In Buddhist Studies, a slogan commonly touted by scholars (not only for the sake of academic rigour but also to add some drama to their classes) is that we can never know what the Buddha taught (Wynn,
Uploaded 1 Oct 2012
The Way of a Saint: John Paul II's Dialogue with Buddhism
Last Sunday, Karol Wojtyla, subsequently the previous head of the Catholic Church John Paul  II, was beatified by his successor, the present Pope Benedict XVI. Beatification is the necessary stage in
Uploaded 2 May 2011
Holiday Reflections: The Moral Vision in Buddhist Conversion
The holiday season always enjoys an air of quietude or tranquillity about it. I think it is culturally and socially created. If Christmas decorations can be seen wherever you go, shops are closed, res
Uploaded 1 Dec 2008
Perspectives: The Buddha's Law Among the Birds
Author: Unknown Translation and Commentary by Edward Conze, 2002 edition   Teaching the Dharma to Those that Fly   No matter how frustrating or hopeless certain points in life may feel, two state
Uploaded 1 Sep 2008
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