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Faith is an Essential Root of Virtue in Pure Land Buddhism
The central role of faith in Pure Land Buddhism
Uploaded 18 Mar 2016
How is Dedication Related to Rebirth in the Land of Bliss?
Dedication-aspiration in Pure Land versus merit-dedication in traditional Mahayana Buddhism
Uploaded 8 Jan 2016
Can Pure Land Aspirants be Reborn Using Mixed or Miscellaneous Practices?
Three different kinds of mixed practices   Having discussed the importance of the exclusive practice of Amitabha-recitation for assured rebirth in Amitabha’s Land of Bliss, we have the que
Uploaded 2 Apr 2015
Amitabha-invocation Should Not Be Mixed With Other Buddha-invocations
Just one Buddha, instead of all Buddhas   We have previously discussed why, in order to ensure rebirth in the Land of Bliss, Pure Land practitioners should not mix Amitabha-recitation with othe
Uploaded 20 Mar 2015
More about the Correlation between Faith and Practice in Pure Land Buddhism
Faith is not genuine if the practice is not always active   Master Shandao (613–81) introduced an important concept about faith in Amitabha’s deliverance and the correlation with the practice of Ami
Uploaded 13 Feb 2015
Is My Faith in Amitabha Buddha Not Deep Enough?
What is next after we place our faith in Amitabha’s deliverance?   One is considered to have established the two kinds of deep faith when one is earnest in one’s aspiration to be re
Uploaded 6 Feb 2015
Exclusive Practice and Mixed Practice in Pure Land Buddhism
Exclusive Practice   As classified by Master Shandao, the de facto founder of Pure Land Buddhism in China, the Pure Land teaching of Amitabha Buddha is known as the Path of the Great Vow, while
Uploaded 14 Jan 2014
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