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Master Shandao’s Exegesis on the Deep Mind, Part Four: The Fifth Kind of Determinant Faith
Believing the Buddha’s words alone in a single-minded manner
Uploaded 12 May 2017
The Cause of Assured Rebirth in the Land of Bliss, Part 1
The keys to the Pure Land
Uploaded 14 Oct 2016
Faith and Practice in Pure Land Buddhism, as Taught by Nagarjuna Bodhisattva
Putting faith in its correct context in Pure Land Buddhism
Uploaded 2 Sep 2016
Pure Faith: The Broader and Deeper Meaning of Faith in Buddhism
Exploring a unique feature of Pure Land Buddhism
Uploaded 13 May 2016
How Does Amitabha-recitation Nourish the Root of Faith?
“Receiving” the Buddha’s merits and virtues through Amitabha-recitation
Uploaded 1 Apr 2016
The Lifeline of Pure Land Buddhism
The implications of Amitabha's 18th Vow
Uploaded 4 Mar 2016
Evidence Based on Sutras, Commentaries, and Accounts
Practice and belief in Pure Land Buddhism
Uploaded 19 Feb 2016
An Unusual Sutra Revealed
Alan Kwan discusses the Contemplation Sutra
Uploaded 7 Aug 2015
Amitabha-Recitation Practice Should Not Be Mixed with Other Practices
Buddha-invocation signifies reliance on Buddha-power   To attain rebirth in the Land of Bliss, Pure Land practitioners are advised not to mix Amitabha-invocation with other Buddhist practices s
Uploaded 6 Mar 2015
Is My Faith in Amitabha Buddha Not Deep Enough?
What is next after we place our faith in Amitabha’s deliverance?   One is considered to have established the two kinds of deep faith when one is earnest in one’s aspiration to be re
Uploaded 6 Feb 2015
Perseverance of Joy upon Hearing of Pristine Pure Land Buddhism
If you have ever felt joyful upon hearing of Amitabha Buddha’s deliverance and admittance to his Pure Land, you are now on the right track as a Pure Land practitioner. Congratulations!   It is state
Uploaded 5 Dec 2014
Amitabha Buddha’s Three Vows of Deliverance (Part II – The 19th Vow)
In this three-part series, Pure Land columnist Alan Kwan examines the three most important vows of Amitabha Buddha’s forty-eight vows, which constitute Amitabha’s plan for saving sentient beings. Thes
Uploaded 3 Mar 2014
Exclusive Practice and Mixed Practice in Pure Land Buddhism
Exclusive Practice   As classified by Master Shandao, the de facto founder of Pure Land Buddhism in China, the Pure Land teaching of Amitabha Buddha is known as the Path of the Great Vow, while
Uploaded 14 Jan 2014
“Two Buddhas, Two Teachings” - Differences in Achievement (Part II)
In the Commentary on the Contemplation Sutra, Master Shandao opened the door to Amitabha’s Pure Land based on two teachings of two Buddhas. One is known as the Path of Importance expounded by Shakyamu
Uploaded 24 Dec 2013
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