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Ksitigarbha, Liveblogging from Hell
A call to bring our practice to the darkest corners of our collective experience
Uploaded 21 Jan 2021
Master Shandao’s Exegesis of the Sincere Mind, Part One
Why Master Shandao believes that no one can ever attain the Sincere Mind
Uploaded 9 Dec 2016
“Faith through Devotion” is Favored over “Faith through Interpretation” in Pure Land Buddhism
Understanding why Pure Land Buddhism teaches faith through devotion
Uploaded 15 Apr 2016
Keeping Hope Alive: “I’ll always be with you, like Flowing Water”
A disciple once asked the late Most Venerable Sheng Yi, “Will you be reborn in the Tusita Heaven* when you enter Ultimate Nirvana someday, like Master Xu Yun [Sheng Yi’s Dharma Father]?”   The Mast
Uploaded 5 Aug 2010
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